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Portable/Space-Saving Trash Bag Holder

Portable/Space-Saving Trash Bag Holder

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Are you tired of always making your way around a big bulky trash can near or in your RV? Does your pet love exploring the discarded remains of your campfire dinner? Maybe you don't want to find places to hang your trash bags. With the EcoGarby, you can quickly solve these problems and more!

Suitable for camping, RVs, campers, tailgating, patios, pontoon/boats, picnics, beach trips, cookouts, travel trailers, outdoor events/parties, your home, and more!

• Holds 16-Gal. Trash Bags or Larger

• Assemble/Disassemble in Seconds

• Odor-Trapping Protective Lid

• Bag Roll Storage Compartment

• Durable and Stable Construction

• Portable and Space-Saving Design

• Made in Canada

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