We believe you deserve more

Especially when it comes to high-quality products that make your life better. We observe your daily life and look for problems and missing pieces. To create durable products that will fit and make your daily routine better. Our goal is to supply you with innovative and quality products so you can enjoy comfort and ease for years to come.

Proven quality at the heart of Canada

Are you tired of purchasing low-quality products?. They are easy to break. You have to replace them often. They don’t even look good. Now imagine high-quality products that make your life easier. Products manufactured through the use of cutting-edge technology and designed with attention and care. At Optimum Quality Tooling makers of the EcoGarby, you can find all of that and more. Manufactured at the heart of Canada from people that genuinely care for you.

With utmost care for our customers

When our customers are happy and satisfied it’s a true inspiration. An urge to move forward and constantly create even better utilities for your daily needs. Our dedication to everyday users motivates us to provide not only high-quality, durable products, but also outstanding customer service. If there is something you dislike about your products just let us know. We will refund or replace it to guarantee the high standard of our service.

Our mission

As a small Canadian family-run business, our mission is to provide high-quality home and outdoor products that help make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. We deeply believe that through observation and innovation we can provide you with the improved quality of life you deserve.