Cookout Checklist for Your Next Gathering

Cookout Checklist for Your Next Gathering

Cookout Checklist for Your Next Gathering


Is there anything better than a barbecue in your backyard on a summer evening? I can't certainly can't think of anything, and I'm not the only fan of a good BBQ. Whether it's to celebrate a holiday, throw a party, or just get together with some friends and catch up, barbecues are one of the most beloved parts of the summer for many people. So today let's talk about some essentials for having the perfect cookout.


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The Grill

This is the most obvious of the essentials but is also the most necessary one. You can't very well have a cookout without the means to barbecue anything. So you'll need a grill that suits your individual needs as well as all the tools that you need to go with it. Some of this will depend on the types of foods you'll be serving, but generally speaking you'll need things like spatulas, tongs, marinade brushes, grill gloves, grill forks, aprons, and towels.

The Food

And speaking of the menu, you'll need plenty of food for your guests to enjoy. Not just the things you'll be barbecuing, but also other snacks for people to eat while they wait for the main event as well as sides to eat along with it. Some great ideas for food to have at a barbecue are corn on the cob, maybe some toasted bread appetizers, coleslaw, potato or pasta salad, tortilla or potato chips, and some summer fruits.

The Drinks/Ice

Chances are it'll be hot out at the time of your cookout but even if it isn't, people always need something to drink. So don't forget to have some chilled beverages available, a lot of people like to have a mixture of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. For the alcohol options you can't go wrong with beer, wine, or some cocktails. And as for the nonalcoholic drinks, you could go with some soda or a nice lemonade.

Just remember to stock up on ice! It's hard to throw a successful outdoor party without one, especially in summer. So do yourself and your guests a favor and pick up some ice or have a friend do it on the way to the cookout.

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The Dishes

Guests have to have something to eat off of, but you're looking at an awful lot of dishes to wash later if you want to use expensive dishware for the job. Instead you could consider getting some compostable plates and utensils, they're cheap and great for the environment. And the best part is, no dishes!!

The Trashcan

This one may not be the first thing you think of when you're planning a barbecue but if you stop to think about all the trash you're going to accumulate you'll realize you need somewhere to deposit it.  The EcoGarby Collapsible Trash Can for Cookouts can help with that problem. This trash bag holder is collapsible, small and leaves a small footprint, it is also portable, and it has a compartment in its base where you can store extra bags. Although it's collapsible, it's very easy to assemble and you won't regret the buy.

The Lighting

A good cookout could last a while, maybe even into the evening when it gets dark. In this case you'll be happy you had some lighting set up. There are a lot of kinds of lighting you could use, but outdoor torches can serve several purposes. They look really nice, give off plenty of light, and if you get some outdoor torches with citronella candles they will also keep mosquitos away. That sounds like a win-win to me.


The Bug Repellent

While we're on the unpleasant topic of bugs, it's probably a good idea to have some bug repellent handy. Some people may bring their own, but for the guests that don't it's always a good idea to have some around. Nobody likes flies, ticks, and the mosquitos we just mentioned flying around and ruining a perfectly good cookout.

The Things You Need For Safety

A cookout isn't a particularly dangerous place to be, but accidents can still happen. For this reason it's best to have things like a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit handy. And since there's sun involved, it probably wouldn't hurt to have some sunscreen there for you and your guests. A sunburn wouldn't be the best souvenir to bring back from the party.

The Entertainment

It's not a proper party without some fun games now is it, so make sure to include some entertainment into your planning. Maybe you already have some games in mind, but if you don't I have some ideas that you could consider. Cornhole is a classic party game that almost everyone will enjoy, but if that's not your type of game then you could try limbo, three-legged race, or water balloon toss. You could also play some "giant" versions of games you probably already love. Think Giant Jenga, Giant Connect 4, and Giant checkers/chess.

The Conclusion

I hope that all of these tips will help you to plan your version of the perfect cookout. In addition to all of these essentials just remember to invite plenty of friends, and don't forget to have fun. And enjoy all of that barbecued food, compliments to the chef.

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